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There’s no reason to ignore carpet

With so many flooring materials available for your review, you might be tempted to skip over carpet completely, but we think you should stop to have a look. It differs from other floor coverings in that it is the only soft surface flooring and provides many unique benefits because of this. In addition to being a warm and enticing material for entry areas in the home, it’s amazing underfoot feel will make it the most popular. It’s a great addition to private areas too, such as bedrooms and studies, where you can kick your shoes off and enjoy your in-home oasis.

For more than 50 years, Summerlin Floors has offered extensive floor coverings and services, with our specialty being green alternatives. We are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our customers and help you find exactly what you’re looking for in a price range that’s comfortable for you. From our Amherst, MA showroom, we proudly serve the communities of Amherst, Northampton, Hadley, Deerfield, and Belchertown and we invite you to visit and allow us to serve you as well.

Carpet facts for you

When homeowners consider carpet, especially for the first time, one of the first questions we receive is always related to the possibility of stains. Of course, every homeowner wants only the best looking floors for the longest amount of time possible. However, carpet has been known to hold onto stains. The good news is that now, stain protection can be built right into the fibers of the flooring, making permanent stains impossibility. All you have to do is let your flooring associate know you’re interested in this aspect.
Luxury carpet in Amherst, MA from Summerlin Floors
Carpet works very well as a second layer of insulation. With its underpadding installed along with it, it can help retain most of your home’s heat, saving you a bundle on your energy bill each month through the winter. It’s not often that you find a floor covering that pays you back, so when you do, it’s well worth considering. Additional benefits you can expect to experience with carpet in place include noise reduction, the ability to match nearly any decor scheme, and an added level of safety and protection against falls.

For installation, it is strongly advised that you allow a team of professionals to install this product. Unless you have experience doing so, as well as the special tools needed for a successful installation, you could do yourself more harm than good by attempting this installation on your own.

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